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FirstBullet   MSRP Information:

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price - when the vehicle was NEW. (What the vehicle retailed for when first offered for sale). The MSRP on new vehicles can be obtained from the Internet and other printed sources. The MSRP on used vehicles can be determined from the vehicle registration.

This estimate will be based on the MSRP you entered. Fees may be different depending on the actual MSRP.

We will search the DMV data base using the VIN you enter. If the VIN search was successful, we will use the MSRP from our data base. Otherwise, we will use the MSRP you have entered. An accurate MSRP is essential in determining your ESTIMATED registration fees.

Nevada governmental services taxes are calculated on the depreciated MSRP. See our FAQs for a sample calculation.  

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