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Please read the following information before you begin:

If ordering a personalized plate, you will not be able to associate when completing your new registration online. All personalized plate orders will be mailed to an office. We will contact you to pick up the plate at your chosen location. You will need to schedule an appointment so you can associate to your vehicle.

Combinations MAY NOT exceed the number of positions, including spaces, designed for each Specialty License Plate. Symbols and punctuation marks MAY NOT be used.

Examples shown are for large plates only. For small trailer and motorcycle plates, reference the application form listed below for the plate style you are interested in for availability and maximum number of characters allowed.

The department has the right to refuse any combination of letters and/or numbers that may carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency, or which would be misleading, or in conflict with any license plate series that has been issued.

The Department may refuse any combination of letters and/or numbers in which a number or letter has been substituted for another character due to license plate unavailability, per NAC 482.320. For example: if License plate “LICENSE” is already in use, “L1CENSE” is not an acceptable combination and will be refused.

The Department will reject requests for any personalized license plate that:
  • Expresses contempt, ridicule, or superiority of race, ethnic heritage, religion or gender
  • Contains any connotation that is sexual, vulgar, derogatory, profane, or obscene
  • Contains a direct or indirect reference to drug or drug paraphernalia, or a gang
  • Makes a defamatory reference to a person or group

NOTE: Do not order personalized plates on the web if you intend to gift them to another person. You may only order plates online for vehicles registered to you. To order a plate as a gift you must visit a DMV location. Fees collected on plate orders are not refundable.

Please allow 8 to 9 weeks for your personalized license plate to be manufactured.

You may select one of the forms below to order your Special Personalized Plates or see also How to Order Custom Plates.

Application sp66 - Personalized Plate
Application sp45 - Circa 1982 Replica Plate
Application sp41 - Professional Firefighters
Application sp62 - Volunteer Firefighters
Application sp49 - Masons
Application sp33 - Veterans

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