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State of Nevada Insurance Verification Program - Reinstatement

Thank you for choosing the Nevada DMV online Vehicle Registration Reinstatement transaction. Your vehicle’s record will be updated instantly after successful completion of the process and acceptance of payment. A confirmation will be emailed to you.

Please read the following information before you reinstate online:

The State of Nevada requires all actively registered vehicles to maintain Nevada liability insurance continuously during the entire registration period, even if the vehicle is not being used.

Begin Here Vehicle Response Search
Enter the Access Code, Vehicle ID Number, and last four characters of your Vehicle License Number from your notice.
Access Code
Vehicle ID Number
Last 4 characters of the Vehicle License Number 

There must be current insurance in the DMV system before you can proceed.
If you have just obtained current insurance you may need to update your insurance before reinstating.

Is the vehicle suspended?
Check the suspension date on the certified notice. If the registration is not in suspension this transaction may not be available to you.

Certificate of Financial Responsibility required?
If your insurance has lapsed for 91 days or longer a Certificate of Financial Responsibility (SR22 high risk insurance) is required. You will have to go into a DMV office to reinstate your vehicle registration.

DMV Insurance Lapse Fees and Fines
Length of Lapse1-30 Days31-90 Days91-180 DaysMore than 181 Days
1st Offense
Total Fee and Fine$250$500$750 and SR22$1,250 and SR22
2nd Offense within past five years
Total Fee and Fine$500$1,000$1,000 and SR22$1,500 and SR22
3rd Offense within past five years
Driver's License SuspensionMinimum 30 daysMinimum 30 DaysMinimum 30 DaysMinimum 30 Days
TOTAL Fee and Fine$750$1,250$1,500 and SR22$1,750 and SR22

Now you can use an electronic check to pay your fees and have the money come directly from your checking or savings account. You can also use a valid Visa credit or debit card, MasterCard credit card,  or Discover/Novus credit card.

This web site uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your privacy online. Secure pages are marked by the lock symbol near the bottom of your screen.  We hope you will take advantage of the convenience DMV Online Services offer with complete confidence in their security. See the Nevada Internet Privacy Policy.

DMV Online Service hours of operation: DMV Online Availability

IVP Reinstatement Certified Letter

Basic Reinstatement Instructions

Obtain the appropriate certified letter and find the Access Code on the right side of the letter. 

Step 1 Ensure your address is correct.
Step 2 Enter the access code, vehicle ID number and plate information
Step 3 Review the vehicle record and fee breakdown.
Step 4 Enter your payment information.
Step 5 View and print confirmation.
Step 6 Request e-mail confirmation.

This web site uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your privacy online. Secure pages are marked by the lock symbol near the bottom of your screen.  We hope you will take advantage of the convenience DMV Online Services offer with complete confidence in their security. See also Credit Card Security and the Nevada Internet Privacy Policy.

Blue BallFAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my registration after I pay the reinstatement?
Yes, if you qualify, you will receive instructions after the reinstatement to renew the registration online. To qualify, your registration expiration date must be within 35 days or less with no other sanctions. If you wish to change your address, name, use an exemption, or credits you must mail your renewal and fees or go  to your local DMV office.

How does DMV know when I don’t have insurance?
Insurance Companies licensed to do business in Nevada are required to validate the status of Nevada Insurance policies. The DMV will electronically ask your insurance company if the vehicle has current Nevada liability insurance coverage. The insurance company will respond "Confirmed" or "Unconfirmed."

What if I want to cancel my insurance?
You must cancel your Nevada registration before you cancel your insurance. If you sell the vehicle you must remove your plates and turn them into your local DMV; the license plates do not stay with the vehicle.

Vehicles must maintain a Nevada Insurance policy issued by an Insurance company licensed in the State of Nevada.
  • If you change your name on your insurance policy, you must also change your name on your vehicle registration and title. At least one name must be in common on your vehicle registration and insurance policy. You are required to report a change of address to the Department within 30 days to ensure you receive correspondence.
  • If you purchase new insurance, renew your policy, or change insurance companies, the policy number may change and/or the insurance company name may change. You or your representative must report these changes to DMV as soon as possible. You will have to report:
    • The insurance company's name,
    • The policy number must be entered exactly as it is on the card,
    • The effective date, and
    • The termination of expiration date.
  • To report these changes you or your representative may:
    • Update online
    • Visit a DMV office.

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