State of Nevada Driver's License Renewal

Thank you for using the Nevada DMV online driver's license renewal.Your license record will be updated instantly upon successful completion. Your new license will be mailed to you within approximately 10 business days.

Nevada offers the opportunity to obtain a Real ID driver's license or identification card which meets the standards of the Real ID Act of 2005. As of October 1 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will require a person to have a Real ID card if they wish to board airplanes or enter federal buildings without showing a passport or other documentation.

Applying for a Real ID card is easy: just show the same identification documentation you would for a standard driver's license or identification card, but choose the Real ID option. You will be required to bring your identity and residency documents to a DMV office the first time you apply for a Real ID.

If you have received a post card asking you to renew in person, you must do so. Driver's are required to renew in person once every eight years regardless of driving history. We cannot process late renewals, address changes, license suspensions or other unusual problems online. Please follow the listed instructions if any of the following apply:
  • Late Renewal - Renew by mail or in person if your license has been expired for less than 30 days.
    If expired 30 days or more a $10 late fee applies and you must renew in person.

  • Address Change - Renew by mail or in person.
    You may wish to include a Change of Address Application if you need to change the address on your vehicles or handicapped placards. (PDF format help)

  • Name Change or any other change in your license information - You must renew in person. See Name Changes.

  • Instruction Permit - Permits must be renewed in person.

  • Commercial Driver’s License - CDLs must be renewed in person

  • Other Problems - Email your driver's license number, current address and other details if you did not receive any notice or post card, or if you have a fee credit or other unusual problem. You may wish to use our Online Driver History if you believe your license is suspended or revoked.

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See Driver's License Renewal Options if you have an address change, name change or other unusual problem.

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