Governmental Services/Sales Tax Payment History

Search Instructions

To obtain the previous year’s Basic and Supplemental (if applicable) Governmental Services and/or Sales Tax(es) for Federal Income Tax filing purposes:

  • Enter License Plate Number.
  • Select Individual or Business Search. Default search option is Individual.
  • If Individual Search, enter last name of registered owner as it appears on the registration certificate.
  • If Business Search, enter business name as it appears on the registration certificate.

Please Note:

Selecting "Search" constitutes your pledge that you are accessing Governmental Services and/or Sales Tax information on a vehicle legally registered to you.


The information obtained from the Governmental Services and/or Sales Tax Payment History is provided as a courtesy to our customers to use when filing their Federal Income Tax return(s).The DMV makes no representations as to the tax implications and strongly advises customers to contact a professional Federal Income Tax preparer or the Internal Revenue Service for assistance in properly utilizing the information provided.

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