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Vehicle Resale Notification

Use this web page to report when you recently sold your motor vehicle. The information should be submitted within five days after the sale. DMV will provide this information to vehicle wreckers, tow car operators, or other interested parties upon request.

NRS 706.4477 In the State of Nevada it is presumed the registered owner of a vehicle is solely responsible for the cost of removal and storage for the vehicle if abandoned.

NRS 482.399 requires you to keep your plates and either use them on another vehicle or turn them in for cancellation within 30 days of the sale. The license plates do not stay with the vehicle. You should take the plates and surrender them to DMV yourself even if a dealer offers to do this for you.

You must cancel your Nevada registration before you cancel your insurance.

Vehicles registered with the Motor Carrier Division are not eligible at this time. Please contact the Motor Carrier Division at (775) 684-4711 for assistance.

Additional information on selling a vehicle can be found at Selling a Vehicle.


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