State of Nevada Vehicle Registration Renewal

General Instructions

Thank you for using the Nevada DMV online registration renewal. Your vehicle's record will be updated instantly upon successful completion. The Certificate of Registration and license plate decal will be mailed from Carson City within two business days.

If you are a first-time user, you may wish to review the basic instructions and if you have an address change, a tax exemption, a question about insurance requirements or are late renewing, review the FAQ. No additional fee is charged for renewing online.

See Registration Renewal Options if you have an address change, fee exemption, or other problem such as an insurance suspension, parking ticket, or smoking vehicle sanction.

Some Nevada specialty license plates do not display the full plate number needed for registration renewal. See your certificate of registration, renewal notice or License Plate Codes for the correct prefix.

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Obtain an emissions inspection if needed before beginning the renewal. Emissions test results and insurance information are transmitted to DMV electronically. 

  1. Ensure the address is correct on your registration renewal form.
  2. Enter access code or vehicle information.
  3. Review the vehicle record and fee breakdown.
  4. Enter your current odometer reading.
  5. Enter your payment information.
  6. Optional: Enter email address if you would like an email confirmation.
  7. View and print online confirmation.
  8. Optional: Provide feedback.

Your vehicle is eligible for online renewal approximately 35 days before expiration. You cannot renew online if your registration is suspended, canceled or if you have unpaid parking tickets or bad debt with the DMV.

This web site uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your privacy online. Secure pages are marked by the lock symbol near the bottom of your screen. We hope you will take advantage of the convenience DMV Online Services offer with complete confidence in their security. See also Nevada Internet Privacy Policy.

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Is Your Address Correct? If we do not have your correct address or you are not sure, please renew through MyDMV and complete an Address Change prior to your Registration Renewal. If you are renewing for a business you must visit a DMV office. Renewals completed through MyDMV will be sent to the address shown on your current Certificate of Registration. A forwarding postal order is not sufficient to change your address with the DMV.
Is Your Registration Early or Late? You may renew online approximately 35 days before expiration or up to 18 months after expiration. The system will automatically calculate any late fees. Please note late fees are non-refundable. Registrations expire at midnight of the expiration date listed on the Certificate of Registration.
Do You Have A Tax Exemption? Exemptions must be used at the time of registration. NOTE: If the exemption was transferred to you by your spouse you will not be able to use it online. Likewise, if your vehicle is registered to a Trust you must visit a DMV office to use any exemption.
Current Nevada Evidence of Insurance? During the renewal process you will be asked to verify and update the liability insurance record associated to your vehicle. Please have your Nevada evidence of insurance card available.
I am out of the state. Can I renew online?

You can renew online if your vehicle does not require a smog check. However, we cannot send Internet renewal documents to a temporary address. They will be sent to the address on file.

If your vehicle requires a smog check and you cannot have it performed in Nevada, you cannot renew online. You may renew by mail with an Emission Control Residency Affidavit. See Registration Renewal Options

I can’t get a smog check because my vehicle is being repaired. What do I do?

If your vehicle will be fixed within a short time, let the registration expire. When the repairs are complete, get a movement permit from the DMV before you drive the vehicle on any public street, including driving it to an emissions inspection station. A movement permit is not necessary if the same garage can perform the smog check.

Once the emissions inspection is complete, you would then renew the registration in person at the DMV and sign an Affidavit of Non-Operation to avoid late fees. You may renew online at this point as well but the system will charge late fees. Late fees cannot be refunded.

If your vehicle will be non-operational for an extended period, you should surrender the license plates. See Plate Surrender. You must surrender the license plates if you drop the liability insurance on the vehicle for any reason.Failure to do so could result in an insurance suspension and subject you to applicable penalties.

I get an error message when I try to renew. There can be several causes for this:
  • You are renewing too early. Early renewals must be done in person at the DMV.
  • Your vehicle requires a smog check. Nevada requires an emissions test every year.
  • Your vehicle registration is suspended for a lapse of insurance coverage. You can check this using the online Registration and Insurance Status. Suspended registrations must be reinstated prior to renewal.
  • Your registration may be suspended for other reasons, cancelled or placed on hold for unpaid parking tickets or bad debt with the DMV. Follow the instructions in the error message.
  • If none of these apply, please email us with your name, license plate number or VIN and an explanation of the problem.
I want to change my license plates. What do I do?

You must obtain new plates in person at the DMV. If you wish to avoid personalized or specialty plate fees charged on your current plates, you should renew at a DMV Full Service Office and exchange plates at the same time. Specialty plate fees cannot be refunded.

If fees are not an issue, you may renew online now and exchange plates later without another renewal or emissions inspection. See our License Plates pages for instructions on obtaining the specific plates of your choice.

I did not receive a renewal notice.  What do I do?

If you are an individual please renew through MyDMV. You may check your address there and update it if necessary. You may also choose whether to receive emailed or paper renewal notices. If you are renewing for a business you must visit a DMV office.

Is there any convenience fee or extra charge for Internet renewal?

No. By using DMV Online Services, you are helping us keep costs down and saving your own time and money as well.

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Enter the access code from your renewal notice or plate & VIN numbers.

Now you can use an electronic check to pay your fees and have the money come directly from your checking or savings account. You can also use a Valid Credit/Debit card.

This web site uses industry-standard SSL encryption to protect your privacy online. Secure pages are marked by the lock symbol near the bottom of your screen.  We hope you will take advantage of the convenience DMV Online Services offer with complete confidence in their security. See the Nevada Internet Privacy Policy.