Request for Duplicate Registration

Important Information

The fee is $5.00 and to complete this transaction your vehicle must have a current active registration and active insurance coverage.

You will be asked to enter several validation criteria elements, including the last 4 characters of your VIN. You can obtain your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from one of the following:

  • Your vehicle insurance documents or proof of insurance card.
  • A prior Certificate of Registration, if available.
  • Your Certificate of Title, if available.
  • The VIN plate which is usually located on your vehicle dashboard. It can be seen through the front window on the driver’s side.
  • A VIN plate attached by the Department, if the Department assigned a VIN.

Prior to selecting “submit” please select either:

  • “Print Duplicate Registration Certificate” if you want to print a duplicate registration certificate only, or:
  • “Order Duplicate Registration Certificate and Substitute Decal” if you want a duplicate registration certificate with a substitute decal.

If you would like an e-mail confirmation of your transaction please enter your e-mail address in the area provided on the payment screen.


Transaction Instructions

Option 1. Print a Duplicate Registration

Important: You must have a printer with paper ready in order to print your certificate.

If you select "Print Duplicate Registration Certificate" you will be able to print your duplicate registration certificate at the end of the transaction.

  • The registration certificate will show the current address that is on file with the Department.
  • You will print from a PDF file that requires Adobe Reader.

If you need a free copy of Adobe Reader you may download it by selecting this link Get Adobe Reader


Option 2. Order a Duplicate Registration with Decal

If you select "Order Duplicate Registration Certificate and Substitute Decal" your duplicate registration certificate and substitute decal will arrive by mail at the address of record within 7-10 business days.

Important: The DMV cannot send these documents to a different address. If the DMV does not have your correct address on file, please order by mail, fax or in-person and file a Change of Address form at the same time. See Duplicate Registration and Decal information page.

  • Please make sure you carry the receipt from this transaction in your vehicle until you receive your duplicate registration certificate and decal as your old decal will not be valid.


Please enter the last four digits of the VIN, license plate number, street address, and last name or business name below as it appears on the registration.

Last 4 characters of VIN
License Plate Number
Address (Street or PO Box)
Individual Last Name or Business Name